woensdag 4 juli 2012

Say hi, and at least bye!

Happy happy happy! Why? Because it's vacation! (I guess I'm now talking to myself).. it's quite weird that I text my blog in English this time.. that's because I go travel to Beijing and Hong Kong. Sooo I have to practice this language.. maybe it's better to talk chinese, but I guess people of you won't understand haha :)  and besides.. I can't write chinese (only mine name). But I'm glad, maybe I can't talk fluent chinese.. but I can understand (hopefully) people who talk chinese. 
''don't be scared or stressed Carla'' you can always try with sign language.



Wooooohooo, I have a Red Hot Chili Peppers T-shirt! Karlok and Hans were in a concert of that band... and Hans has a present for me, because I passed my exams :) thank you a lot, again! I was quite jealous of my brother, he went to a RHCP concert.. but exactly that evening, I had a graduation on my school. And what was the most important? Red hot chili peppers concert OR my graduation? Hmmmm..

After my graduation, one last picture!
And this will be my last picture of this blog this summer, because I go 3 weeks to my dream, hehe.

I'm quite curious where you'll go on this vacation..

I wish you all a good vacation, hope you'll have a lot fun and enjoy everything!